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Taules input-output de Catalunya 2001 /

Ed.: May 2007

This publication presents the methodology and results of the 2001 Input-Output Tables for Catalonia (TIOC-2001). The methodology consists of a summary of the main concepts of the European System of Accounts (SEC 95), with particular emphasis placed on the Input-Output framework. This is followed by the most noteworthy aspects of the TIOC-2001: the Expanded Destination Table (TDA), sectorisation, fieldwork, statistical sources and the process used to estimate the variables.

The simplified economic accounts of the Catalan economy provide a comprehensive synthesis of the region's economic activity. It is calculated based on the information compiled in the input-output tables.

The account balances of production and exploitation (GDP and gross operating surplus, respectively) have a great macroeconomic significance.

The triple sectorisation chosen (to 14, 65 and 122 products/branches) is presented with an equivalent design. Each file includes the Expanded Destination Table (TDA), the matrix of technical coefficients, the Leontieff inverse matrix and other supplementary information (resources, uses and income of the economy, employment, productivity and multipliers).

  1. Simplified economic accounts for the Catalan economy 2001
  2. Results of the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001 for 14 products / branches
  3. Results of the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001 for 65 products / branches
  4. Results of the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001 for 122 products / branches
  5. Sectorisation of the Input-Output for Catalonia 2001

The book includes a CD with the publication (in PDF) and the tables with all the results (in Excel).

For further information, see Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001.

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