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Llars i famílies a Catalunya /

Ed.: December 2016

This publication analyses the basic characteristics found in the households and families of Catalonia. The report, which gathers the main statistics and graphs, is structured in four parts. The first, containing the methodological notation, presents the concepts used, the types of households, a glossary with the main definitions, and a description of the 2011 Population Census. The second part analyses different types of family structures in terms of size, territorial distribution and development. The third focuses on certain household types that warrant special treatment in terms of their evolution in recent years and their numerical importance: on the one hand, single-person households, and on the other, different types of family nuclei (married couples, common-law couples, single-parent, reconstituted and same-sex households). Finally, the fourth section analyses some specific households, such as homes for the elderly, those formed by foreigners, and households with children.

For more information, please refer to the Population and Housing Census.

Publication Frequency:Decennal, 2006-