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Enquesta de consum i pràctiques culturals infantils 2007-2008 /

Ed.: March 2010

This publication presents the synthetic results of the Survey of children's cultural consumption and practices 2007-2008, whose main aim is to obtain statistical information on the consumption and practice of cultural activities and their place in the leisure and lifestyles of children aged from 6 to 14 years, and also the characteristics of these activities, the context they appear in and their intergenerational reproduction.

The Survey of children's cultural consumption and practices 2007-2008 was conducted by Idescat, the Department of Culture and Media and the Department of Education.

The information published in this book is classified into the following chapters:

  • Reading
  • Going to libraries, museums, exhibitions and monuments
  • Listening to music and going to concerts
  • Going to the cinema
  • Going to the theatre, dance shows and the circus
  • Practice of other cultural activities
  • Watching television and listening to the radio
  • Use of information and communication technologies
  • Free time, extra-curricular activities
  • Cultural socialisation of children

For further information please consult the Survey on Consumption and Cultural Practices.

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