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Enquesta de condicions de vida i hàbits de la població /

Ed.: June 2007

This publication presents the synthetic results of the Survey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Population 2006. The main goal of this survey is to obtain data and elements of analysis on the living conditions and quality of life of the population and its primary social habits. The publication provides the main results of the survey in the seven territorial areas within Catalonia.

This survey was conducted as part of a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona, the Association of Municipalities of Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

The information published in this book is classified into the following chapters:

  • Socio-demographic data
  • Geographical provenance
  • Residential mobility
  • Household structure
  • Work and activity
  • Health and dependency
  • Income and economic conditions
  • Consumption
  • Housing
  • Education and cultural and free-time habits
  • Personal relationships, membership in clubs and expectations
  • Perception of the territory
  • Everyday mobility.

For further information, you may check the Survey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Population.