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Estadística, producció i comptes de la indústria /

Ed.: April 2009

This publication contains broad-ranging information on catalan industry based on the industrial enterprise survey and the industrial product survey, which are the main sources of structural information from the industrial sectors. They are two annual surveys conducted by the INE with the collaboration of Idescat. This edition is the latest in a series begun with the publication for the year 1993. It is divided into three clearly differentiated parts, the first of which, enterprise statistics, provides information on the number of enterprises and establishments and employment, and all the important concepts linked to enterprise accounting: turnover, sales of products and merchandise, consumption of raw materials, expenditures on outside services, expenditures on personnel, investment in material assets, etc. The information is disaggregated by sector for more than fifty activity branches. What is more, information is presented on the geographical destination of sales, the origin of purchases, as well as several indicators such as business concentration and productivity. The second, the products survey, gathers information on sales in monetary values and physical amounts of more than 1,000 products manufactured in Catalonia, following the Product nomenclature for industrial statistics (PRODCOM). Finally, the third part contains the estimates of the main economic accounts for fourteen industrial groupings: value of production, intermediate consumption, gross added value and surplus.

The digital version published on the website on 03/04/2009 was modified on 17/04/2009.

For further structural information on the industrial sector, you may check the sections entitled Industrial products survey, Industrial companies survey and Industry statistics, production and accounts.

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ISSN:1139-1537 (versió paper)
2013-4207 (versió digital)