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El Cost del factor treball (2001-2010) /

Ed.: December 2011

Dossiers Idescat, núm. 9

This dossier presents an outline of the labour costs, the average wages and the hours worked, among others. Several conclusions can be drawn from this analysis of the years 2001-2010, such as for example that in Catalonia the average labour cost factor per worker has increased by more than 36% since 2001 or that the salary cost represents three quarters of the total labour cost. Also, the average annual gross salary of men is higher than that for women and the salary gap has not been significantly reduced over the last ten years.

The statistical sources on salaries and labour costs in Catalonia are fundamentally based on four surveys over different periods that are divided into two blocks:

  • Labour cost statistics: Quarterly labour cost survey (ETCL), an ongoing operation conducted every quarter, and the Annual labour cost survey (EACL), an operation conducted every year that completes the results obtained by the ETCL.
  • Wage surveys: Wage structure survey (EES), conducted every four years and with time references for 2002 and 2006 (the data for the 2010 survey will be released shortly), and the Annual wage structure survey (EAES), which has been conducted since 2004 and for subsequent years in which the four-year survey is not conducted (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009).
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