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NOMENCAT nomenclàtor estadístic d'entitats de població de Catalunya /

Ed.: December 2013

This publication contains a list of inframunicipal population entities in Catalonia, on the reference date of January 1, 2012. The Nomenclature is presented in two ways: first it is ordered by codes, i.e., the population entities of each municipality are hierarchically ordered within each municipality; secondly, there is a list of all of the population entities in Catalonia in alphabetical order. The aim of this dual presentation is to facilitate searches for territorial units.

Meanwhile, this publication also complements the publication GEOCAT. Codis territorials i administratius, which presents the lists of territorial and administrative codes whose use is compulsory in the area of official statistics in Catalonia, as well as those that are most used in relation to territorial areas outside of Catalonia, on January 1, 2013.

As well as containing a list of the identification codes along with their corresponding names, NOMENCAT includes an exposition of the origins of the names, the aims, the body responsible for their configuration, the definition of the different territorial units it is made up of, the codification system and the normalisation of names. In the list, each population entity is presented with correspondences with the codes of other territorial areas to which it belongs (province, municipality and county) and the corresponding population data.

The normalisation of names was done in accordance with the Official Nomenclature of Major Toponyms in Catalonia, which was produced by the Government of Catalonia and the Institute of Catalan Studies, being the toponymic corpus passed by Government Decree GOV/55/2009, of March 24.

The second part of the publication presents a list of the codes and names of counties, provinces, municipalities and territorial areas used in preparing the General Territorial Plan for Catalonia, in order to facilitate the territorial localisation of inframunicipal population entities.

This publication forms part of the series NOMENCAT. The previous publication in this series was NOMENCAT 2010, so GEOCAT 2012 includes the modifications made from 2010 to 2011.

For further information please visit the web page Territorial and entity codes.

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ISSN:2013-3340 (versió impresa)
2013-3596 (versió digital)
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Other relationship: GEOCAT [Recurs electrònic] : codis territorials i administratius a Catalunya