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GEOCAT codis territorials i administratius a Catalunya /

Ed.: November 2013

This publication contains the list of the most used territorial and administrative codes in the field of official statistics in Catalonia on January 1, 2013, in reference to all territorial areas (local, regional, state and supranational). The lists are in alphabetical order, grouped by superior territorial units, by codes or by some other geographic criterion, in order to facilitate searches of territorial units.

In relation to Catalonia, the codes officialised by Order ECF/105/2005 are presented, which cover the area of application for local territorial entities (counties, provinces and municipalities), the respective local corporations (county councils, regional governments and councils) and other local entities (decentralised municipal entities, metropolitan entities and communities of municipalities). The publication also caters for the division of the General Territorial Plan for Catalonia (territorial planning areas) and the variations of municipalities of Catalonia 1993-2012.

GEOCAT 2013 also includes the codes for the administrative territorial divisions of Spain (provinces and autonomous communities), for the European regions and the countries of the world.

For each list of codes, GEOCAT 2013 includes the definition of the different territorial units, the objectives behind their codification, legal justifications, the body responsible for their limitation, the codification system, the normalisation of standards, the variations produced in the list in recent years and, finally, the correspondences with other territorial areas.

This publication continues the series since the last one to be published (GEOCAT 2010) and includes the modifications produced from 2010 to 2012.

For further information, please visit the section Territorial and Entity Codes.

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ISSN:1888-2722 (versió impresa)
2013-4983 (versió digital)
Related Items:Continues: GEOCAT ... : codis territorials i administratius a Catalunya [versió paper]
Item Description:Fusió de: Llista actualitzada de codis d'identificació de les entitats locals territorials i les seves respectives corporacions locals referits a 1 de gener de ... , i de: Geonomenclatura d'unitats territorials amb finalitats estadístiques: llista actualitzada de codis de països del món i d'unitats infraestatals comunitàries referits a 1 de gener de ...
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Physical Description:Fins l'any 2010, també disponible en paper. A partir de 2013, dades disponibles a l'apartat "Codis territorials i d'entitats" del web de l'Idescat"
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ISSN:1888-2722 (versió impresa)
2013-4983 (versió digital)