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Índex socioeconòmic territorial 2015-2018 /

1st Rev. Ed.: May 2021

This publication contains the methodology and results for the Small Area Socioeconomic Index (IST), a synthetic indicator that summarises the various features of the population in a single value and allows the socioeconomic differences existing between Catalonia’s various territories to be identified.

The document explains how the principal component analysis was carried out and defines the Small Area Socioeconomic Index as a weighting of two indicators on employment status, two on level of education, one on immigration status and one on income. It then presents the census tract groups, a set of 853 territorial units with a balanced population that have been created by grouping together territorially contiguous census tracts with similar socioeconomic characteristics. Finally, it analyses the results by territory according to six categories regarding socioeconomic level: very low, low, medium-low, medium-high, high and very high.

For further information, see the Small Area Socioeconomic Index.

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