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Consulta sobre la situació i les perspectives de l'estadística oficial catalana

Ed.: December 2021

The publication presents the results of the consultation on the state and outlook of Catalan official statistics, carried out by Idescat in spring 2021 with more than 130 users, experts and specialist organisations. In order to better guide the drafting of the 7th seventh Statistical Plan for Catalonia, the decision was taken to carry out an external assessment of the production of the Statistics System of Catalonia and the statistical dissemination carried out by Idescat, as well as the prioritisation of possible new statistics. The publication describes the design, execution and results of the consultation, based on the assessment of the following four sections:

1) Frequency of use and assessment of current statistics.

2) Assessment of potential statistics included in the questionnaire.

3) Suggestions for new statistics and their prioritisation.

4) Assessment and suggestions regarding Idescat's dissemination services and products.

Idescat also carried out a series of analyses between January and June 2021 on official Catalan statistics' alignment with the statistical regulations of the European Union, the strategic plans of neighbouring statistical systems, use and user satisfaction regarding statistical dissemination, and compliance with the current Statistical Plan for Catalonia 2017-2020 (extended in 2021). The purpose of the analyses was to reflect on the institutional and organisational model of the Statistics System for Catalonia, how it produces statistical information, the dissemination/accessibility of results and the associated quality management.

This publication marks the start of the institutional dissemination of the projects under way for the seventh Statistical Plan for Catalonia.

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